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What to Look For in a Self Storage Facility

There are some purchases and/or financial commitments that require more thought and consideration than others, and we believe choosing the right self storage facility for you is one of them. It may seem unnecessary, but the right self storage unit is essential as this is the place that will be keeping your belongings safe and dry.

Continue reading for some insight into what you should be looking for in a self storage facility.


First and, perhaps, foremost, the issue of safety needs to be considered. When entrusting a facility with your personal possessions, you want to be sure they are going to remain where they are, and in the condition you left them.

Some things to look out for on this front are security features such as CCTV – 24-hour cover is ideal – and take note of how secure the units themselves are. Do they have individual locks, or even keypads? The more complex the security system, generally, the better – so long as you remember your key code.


Next, you might want to consider how well this unit and the facility itself suits your needs. There could be some serious sticking points that make or break whether this will work for you, so it’s good to iron those out before committing.

Consider such things as the sizes of units available – are they suitable for now, what if you need to upsize or downsize in the future? The access is also extremely important – you should know if you will be able to access whenever you need to, or if there are specific customer access times. On the subject of access, ensure you will be able to manoeuvre your items into the units as some self storage facilities are renowned for having tight corridors.

What about the finances? Are the costs within your budget? What are the rental periods like? You want to know if you’re about to commit to a long-term contract. What about notice? Can you leave with relatively short notice in case something comes up?

All of these are things that you need to take into account if you’re going to set yourself up for a pleasant and easy self storage experience.


Now you have the main sticking points out of the way, you can start to whittle out the good from the great. There might be extras that make you want to spend your money at one place rather than another like – for example – if the company conducts itself in a manner with which you resonate. They could be environmentally conscious and committed to cutting carbon emissions, the staff could be particularly helpful and pleasant, they could provide excellent packaging materials. This is where it comes down to personal preference, and you – like with anything – have the chance to find a facility you will enjoy coming back to.


Finding the right self storage facility is, essentially, all about doing the right research. Looking for the right signs, knowing where to look and recognising anything that seems off. Take a look at the reviews for the company – on their Google My Business, Facebook, etc. – not just the testimonials section on their website.

What about prices? Are they fairly priced, are any companies putting on deals right now?

Right for You

If you use all of this information, as well as your own volition and common sense, you should be able to find a self storage facility that is right for you in all aspects and also a company you can entrust with your belongings.

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