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What Size Storage Space Do I Need?

When you’re looking for storage space it can sometimes seem like there is a lot you need to consider, you need to find a reputable and reliable storage company, it needs to be close to where you live, easily accessible and of course the right size for you needs. Trying to decide what size storage unit you need can sometimes be the trickiest part, you don’t want to pick a space that is too small but you also don’t want to choose one that is too large and pay more than you need to.

Here at Arden Self Storage we are always on hand to help you choose the storage space that is most suitable for you. On our site we have a handy guide to make it easy for you to find the storage unit you need. We have storage spaces starting from 25 square feet in size up to 250 square feet. We have a simple ‘Unit Size Vs Requirements’ table to aid you in choosing the right size for your needs.

For example if you’re looking for storage space that will accommodate the content of a 3 bedroom house or flat then you should probably be looking at one of our 150 square foot storage unit. However if you are just looking for somewhere to keep perhaps the contents of your garden shed then you may be looking at one of our 25 square foot storage units.

We also recommend that you come and visit us and take a look around the storage units we have available to give you a better idea of the size of unit that you will need. So if you’re looking for safe and secure storage in Solihull, Birmingham and the surrounding areas then look no further than Arden Self Storage.