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Top Tips When Using Storage for Your Belongings

Self-storage can be the perfect way to move, relocate, or simply keep a selection of your belongings for a period of time. Whatever your reason for taking advantage of storage facilities, you need to know you’re personal effects are going somewhere safe and secure, somewhere that provides the full package, from a comprehensive unit to legendary, memorable customer service. Here at Arden Self Storage, we’ve made doubly sure we tick all the boxes on your storage check list, and to help you get started, here are our top tips to get your matter moving!

First of all, like every seemingly complex task, your best bet is to plan, plan ahead and know exactly what you’re going to do when the time comes to get your stuff in storage. Make a list of the things you need the most and highlight the things you’re going to keep toward the front, whilst also noting the bulkier items you can keep at the back! Not only will this help with things going in, it will make unloading easier too!

Remember to protect your belongings. Cover up furniture with sheets, and put smaller items such as CD’s and DVD’s inside shelving units or the fridge, just don’t forget they’re there! This will optimise your available space whilst also helping to ensure everything stays looking great, even if it’s in storage for long periods of time!

Speaking of space optimization, always remember to think vertical when packing. This will make the most of your space and with careful planning will allow you to stack the safer, bulkier items, making more room at the front of your unit for access to the things you need!

Try to leave room to get by, squashing everything together should only be done if absolutely necessary – leaving space will make getting about inside when you need to much easier!

Here at Arden Self Storage, we’re committed to bringing you a storage service you’ll love, in our controlled environment, whether it’s commercial or domestic storage, you’ll find everything you need from us: safety, security and peace of mind, with top quality storage units, access and a dedication to meeting your needs that is simply unrivalled. So pick up the phone today!