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Three Top Self Storage Packing Tips

Making the most out of your self storage unit is all about efficiency and in order to do this, you need to utilise the space correctly. Here at Arden Self Storage Limited, we are self storage experts thanks to our environmentally-friendly self storage facility in Solihull. In light of this, here are our essential self storage packing tips.

Plan and Prepare

First and foremost, you’ll need to plan and prepare. This is about working with your floor plan, getting acquainted with your items, and putting protective measures in place.

You should make an effort to visualise how you will store your items and keep note of everything by taking pictures and keeping a list, which will also be useful in the unlikely event of an insurance claim. Furthermore, you should label all of your boxes – especially those that are fragile – and use uniform boxes wherever possible.

Also, find some things that you can use to protect your items. For example, put a dust sheet on the ground before you place your items and cover individual items in sheets where you see fit.


Being able to get to everything you have in your self storage unit and knowing where everything is without tearing the whole place apart is an essential self storage packing tip.

You need to use the floor plan you visualised earlier and pack around the perimeter first, leaving ‘walkways’ as you start to fill out the bulk of the space. Putting the bulky items in first is also key because these take up the most space and they are generally the least likely to be needed often.

Naturally, make the items you need most often the most easily accessible. Sometimes this can be difficult to determine, but you should use your intuition and planning to help.

Space Saving

Being thoughtful with space is an important self storage tip that everyone should take on board. Some units are smaller than others, but most of them have quite high ceilings that you need to make the most of.

Larger items like bed frames, mattresses, and sofas can all be placed on their side to reduce the footprint whilst making the most of the room above. Hollow items like wardrobes, and even things like dishwashers, can be utilised by putting smaller items inside.

You might also consider bringing metal shelving to your storage unit to help you organise everything more easily and make space for smaller items, stacking things vertically that can’t be stacked vertically on their own.

Be Efficient

In essence, the three main self storage packing tips are to spend time planning, think about the accessibility of your items, and use your space wisely. You can always improve your efficiency and use the limited amount of space to your advantage.

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