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The Benefits of Business Storage

Business storage is widely applicable for a variety of different, commercial predicaments that thousands of businesses are facing as we speak. This starts everywhere from an entrepreneur starting their first venture, to a rapidly growing business outgrowing their current property. Storage is a vast industry, especially in the US and Australia, and is beginning to gain serious traction in the UK. Here is what self storage can do for your business:


With a large amount of business owners reporting theft as a great reason for loss, it makes sense that keeping company property safe is essential to the optimal operation of a business. A storage unit offers a variety of benefits that are often not standard in commercial premises, and would be a large investment to install and maintain. These include 24 hour CCTV, which is available in most storage facilities. Security and access is also something closely monitored in a storage facility – with padlocks and personal alarm codes standard practice. These factors also lead into the accessibility of self storage that mean you are always able to access your storage unit, with 24 hour facilities becoming more common.

Insurance is also offered by many business storage facilities, which means you have an additional level of comfort in the safety of your company belongings.

Accessibility and Freedom

Since the market for business storage is so great, storage facilities are prepared for the loading and unloading of commercial property. This means that a lot of storage facilities have the capability to handle large vehicles, up to articulated lorries.

You are also removed the requirement of permanent business premises by utilising storage spaces, which is especially beneficial for the aforementioned entrepreneur, as well as those that are self-employed or freelance. Your home doesn’t need to be cluttered with work from your business, which can help detach your work and home lives and keep you organised.

Furthermore, the rent of storage facilities is tailored more to the customer than that of a traditional lease, with contracts often being month-to-month and notice periods being as short as 14 days. This means you are only required to pay for what you need, and never struggle with payments you cannot afford.


At all stages of a business, saving money is paramount to survival and growth. For different reasons in different situations, renting business storage space is more economically efficient than moving to new premises and expanding or renovating an existing space. Cutting down on costs in this sense by renting a storage facility will allow for expenditure in other areas and allow your business to grow.

An often overlooked aspect of moving to a larger property with your business is that of moving the whole operation elsewhere. There will mean hours of work lost for all of your members of staff at some point, which is effectively money lost in and of itself. Then you must consider the possibility of hiring movers, which is yet another expenditure. If you think about moving house, moving a business is much of the same stress and expense, but usually on a larger scale.

Space Management

If you are looking to utilise the benefits of business storage, and you thoughtfully implement this strategy, there are a myriad of benefits that are related to the space you will reap the rewards of. And, besides, bettering the space you currently have is most likely the main reason for you wanting to employ the services of self storage.

With the additional room granted by moving excess belongings outside of your actual space, you are able to change the way your space is used. This will allow for better organisation, decluttering and potentially redecorating, which will allow for an enhanced workspace for your employees. It’s important to remember that a better workspace, often, leads to greater productivity in employees. Essentially, using business storage space can pay for itself with the enhanced efficiency of your employees in their new working area, if done correctly.

Business storage, as proven throughout the aforementioned, is a great way to improve your business premises and cater to a growing business; without the massive expenditure of moving to new premises. Any business can benefit from doing this, but it is usually most effective for small and growing enterprises.

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