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Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring has well and truly sprung, which means it’s time to break out the Marigolds and perform a deep clean of your home. A spring clean is incredibly important for preparing your home the upcoming summer and matching your new, airy space with the improved weather.

Here at Arden Self Storage, we have put together a few of our top tips for making the most of your spring cleaning this year, as well as some key areas for focus.


One of the best places to start with your spring clean is to declutter your space. You should look at all your things and take into consideration the importance of your belongings. The best way to go about this is to be ruthless.

A general rule of thumb to follow is to get rid of things that you haven’t used for over six months – and don’t see yourself using in the near future. ‘Getting rid’ sounds quite strong, but you can use a variety of different methods for doing this. For things you’re quite attached to and don’t want to part with permanently, consider putting them into storage at your local self-storage facility, which works great for seasonal clothing. You can also donate things to charity, and make the most of eBay to bring in a little bit of extra money from your second-hand things.


Falling nicely inline with decluttering, we needed a separate section for your wardrobe. We all fall victim to hoarding clothes that we don’t really need anymore: they might be too small and we’re holding onto the hope we will return to the body we had when we were younger, or there is a trend that we just can’t let go of.

Taking care of the extra clothes you have in your wardrobe can help to free up some space and will give you a great opportunity to re-organise and make sure all of your shoes have their pair; you might even find a gem hidden in the depths of your wardrobe that you can break out in the upcoming warmer weather.

You can also tie in using eBay and other such websites to make some extra money for updating your wardrobe when you celebrate a great job tackling your spring clean.


Carpets go through a lot throughout the year and refreshing them can make a huge difference to the appearance of your home. We recommend that you look into buying or hiring a high-performance vacuum cleaner or getting in the professionals for an especially deep clean.

If you’re weighing up whether cleaning your carpets will be worth your time, take a look at the high-traffic zones of your home in comparison to the areas that are covered by your furniture. We’re sure that it will be plain to see.


Now it’s time to get onto the big tasks on your spring cleaning checklist – the appliances. It’s not great to think of having to remove all of the grime that has built up. There are also a few quick tips that you can implement to get a good clean of your appliances without the extensive elbow grease you might expect.

If your oven needs a clean, spraying a mixture of bicarbonate of soda and water onto the interior services and cleaning with a brush will get a lot of the dirt off. You should remember not to use this solution on the heating elements, though. If you want to use something stronger – or a dedicated oven cleaner – make sure to avoid harsh chemicals as these can damage both your oven and your skin.

For cleaning your fridge, a toothbrush and toothpaste is a great combination – just make sure you’re not planning on using the toothbrush afterwards, of course. Cutting a lemon in half and placing one each half on the top or bottom will help eradicate those funky smells as well.

Finally, cleaning the microwave is a simple task. If you fill a small measuring jug with 50% water and 50% vinegar, place in the microwave and turn on the heat until the microwave begins to steam. After this, you can wipe the internal walls with a cloth to remove the dirt.


We’ve covered everything from your wardrobe to your oven, but now it’s time to tackle something else you might have been hoping to avoid – the bathroom.

The main thing you should look to achieve when cleaning your bathroom is getting rid of the limescale that builds up around things like the tap and the shower head. To combat this build up, a great homemade solution is to spray white vinegar on these areas (soaking the shower head in a container of white vinegar) and leave it overnight. You can then wipe this white vinegar off in the morning and there should be a visible difference.

A Refreshed Home for the Summer

If you follow the tips we’ve put together in our spring cleaning guide, you will be on your way to a home that is ready for summer and feels refreshed. Naturally, we haven’t covered everything, and the severity of your spring clean can vary from person to person, but the points mentioned above are a great place to start.

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