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Space Saving Storage Hacks for Your Home

We all want our houses to work practically and suit our lifestyle, one of the ways we can keep our space tidy is by getting creative and utilising some unconventional storage hacks.

Whether you’re looking for a little more room in your home, or perhaps you’d like to be more efficient with your current use of household space, here are some easy storage-saving hacks you can try out.

  • Be creative with shelving

One simple and effective way to save space is through building shelving. This could be as simple as installing a shelf in your bathroom for towel storage or adding a shelf in your bedroom for your book collection or personal ornaments.

Shelves around the house are aesthetically pleasing and function well in almost every room. If you’d like additional storage you can consider adding hooks underneath the shelf; this is a great way to store lightweight items such as mugs or hand towels in otherwise unused space.

  • Use crates and boxes within cupboards – storage within storage

When storing items in cupboards, you can use mini crates or furniture boxes as this extends your storage space. For example, by group items together such as spices and herbs, or first aid kit supplies and medicine, you can effectively place items into their set compartments. It also makes it much easier to track where items are and means you don’t have to unpack an entire cupboard in search of one thing. 

  • Wardrobe space

One thing you can do is transform a wire clothes hanger into a hanger to hang shoes. This frees up some space at the bottom of your wardrobe. For extra space, you can also affix hooks to the wardrobe door and this will give you a little extra space.

  • In and under furniture

More and more people are looking for ways to be more green in their living space. You can maximise space with some furniture design-based storage hacks, such as not having all your items on display all the time. This could be as simple as storing items underneath your bed with low-rise plastic storage boxes. If you’re looking for a more permanent option, you can build drawers underneath your bed. Some furniture may also have space to store items inside it.

  • Decluttering

Storage hacks only take you so far, after this, it is a case of decluttering your belongings. The main tip from Arden Self Storage is to be ruthless. If you have used the item in over 12 months, do you really need it? 

Instead, why not sell the item on eBay or another selling site, earn a little extra cash and improve your storage space. Alternatively, you can give any items you don’t need to a charity shop. But, if you don’t want to part with your personal belongings just yet, then consider renting a storage unit here at Arden Self Storage. We have a range of units to suit your needs.

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