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Living on a Houseboat – Here’s How to Solve Your Storage Problem

Storage space on a houseboat is understandably limited. A houseboat, otherwise known as a barge canal boat, is a narrow boat that is often used for leisure or living purposes. As the boats are long and thin, there is typically only space for your most essential household and personal items on board. These items can include: clothing, kitchen items, toiletries and a few personal belongings. Typically the storage on a houseboat is limited to small closets and cupboards; it doesn’t compare to the amount of storage you would get with a small house. But, space is not the main attraction for living on a houseboat. For many people though, deciding to live on a houseboat is a permanent alternative lifestyle switch and offers a completely unique experience.

As there is limited to no space on board, the answer for where to house all of your belongings is simple: use self storage, have a major declutter, sell, donate, or get rid of items. Here at Arden Self Storage Limited, we have a wide range of secure storage units available in different sizes – helping provide you with peace of mind and enjoy your canal boating experience with one less thing to worry about.

Solve your houseboat storage problem and put these into secure storage:


Most houseboats come fully furnished, meaning there is often no additional space for existing furniture you may already have in your home. The decision to keep, sell or donate furniture is very much dependent on whether you see houseboat living as a permanent or temporary living situation for you. If this is going to be a permanent lifestyle switch then giving away, selling or donating furniture to a charity may be your preferred option for furniture that is no longer required. But, if you only want to navigate the waterways temporarily before returning back to a land-based home, then the last thing you may want to do is reluctantly sell your belongings, only to start all over again in a few months or years.

Kitchen equipment

As kitchen space is dramatically smaller on a houseboat compared to a regular home, you may suddenly find that you cannot accommodate all of your kitchen equipment anymore. Take your essentials with you (kettle, cutlery, glasses, etc) and pop the rest into a secure storage facility unit (baking equipment, additional cutlery and crockery). One of the great things about storage units is that you can access them at any time. This means if you feel spontaneously inspired by ‘The Great British Bake Off’ to bake a red velvet cake, then you can pop over to your secure storage unit and begin creating some delicious treats.

Clothing and valuables

Unless you’re a minimalist, having a wardrobe full of items and clothing for every occasion and type of weather is normal and an absolute must. Not all of your wardrobe may fit onto a houseboat, not to worry, you can place it into self storage. In order to keep your clothing safe and damp free we use climate control across our premises to ensure your belongings remain in the condition you left them. For any valuables that you simply don’t have room for on a boat, we have 24 hour CCTV to keep your personal items safe and secure.

Garden tools and machinery

For larger items such as garden tools and machinery, putting them into secure storage is an ideal solution, particularly if living on a houseboat is a temporary housing solution for you. By putting garden equipment and machinery into a storage facility you can ensure they are kept safe, and carefully stored away ready for when you need them again. Plus, your family and friends will be so grateful they don’t have to squeeze your lawnmower into their already jam packed garage!

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Have you ever owned a houseboat, or are you making the change to an alternative lifestyle on the water? We hope this guide has helped solve your storage problems and provide you with some practical solutions.

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