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How are solar panels good for the environment?

If you have read our previous blog on the advantages of solar panels for business, you will know that here at Arden Self Storage, we employ the use of solar panels. Our previous blog discussed the advantages of solar panels for businesses and how we use them to reduce our impact on the environment. This is just one of the many reasons we chose to install solar panels to run our self storage site. This article will go into more detail on how solar panels are good for the environment.

1. Reduces carbon emissions

This is the primary way that solar panels have a positive impact on the environment as they reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse gases. Solar panels rely on the sun, gathering energy and converting it into electricity.Unlike fossil fuels, they use no pollutants and the only other resource it needs to function is clean water. By adding solar panels to your home or business, it can reduce your carbon footprint by 80% in one year.

2. Renewable energy source

The global population is only going to continue to grow and the resources we use for energy are finite, they will soon run out. The energy sources we predominantly use are fossil fuels that damage the planet when we mine and distribute them. However, solar energy is renewable, it is an energy source that won’t run out (at least not for another few billion years). By employing solar panels, is it one less business or home that is relying on fossil fuels and this makes a bigger difference than you may think. Solar panels will reduce the strain on the limited fossil fuels like coal and oil, which both contribute to global warming.

3. Long lasting

Although there is plenty room for improvement in the manufacturing process, solar energy technology has longevity and little to no maintenance costs on its side. This is another reason as to why solar energy has a positive impact on the environment. Conventional methods of heating require regular maintenance and replacements which tends to create a lot of waste that can harm the environment. There is also the need for more units to be produced. Solar panels have longevity of around 30-50 years, so they shouldn’t need replacing for a long period of time.

4. Reduced grid energy

Solar panel energy helps to drastically reduce the amount of electricity needed from the national grid. If you do not have solar batteries installed, you will still need to be connected to the national grid in case there is not enough energy to run the property after dark. However, even if this is the case, the dependence on the national grid is still greatly reduced.

Arden Self Storage

We hope this article has helped you to understand just some of the ways of how solar panels can help reduce our impact on the environment. At Arden Self Storage, we are passionate about reducing our impact on the environment and reducing our carbon footprint. By installing solar panels, we use these to power and run our site, reducing our dependence on finite energy sources that continue to damage our planet.

Arden Self Storage is a storage facility that offers purpose-built storage solutions for commercial and domestic customers. We are based in Solihull, but offer our services to customers countrywide. If you are looking for a storage solution and a company that cares about its impact on the environment, Arden Self Storage is here for you. To get in touch, please call 01675 44 28 27 or fill out our online contact form.