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Reasons To Use Seasonal Self Storage at Christmas

All across the country, families and individuals are preparing for Christmas. It may only be one day, but it’s a special and busy 24 hours. A day jam packed with delicious food and drink, annual family traditions, board games, watching films and tv shows whilst lazily lounging on the sofa post-Christmas dinner. 

Amongst all the chaos and excited during the build up to the big day, there will be people wondering: ‘where am I going to put all this seasonal stuff after Christmas?’ or ‘how am I going to make room to host all the members of my family, for three whole days?’

Ever considered seasonal self storage?

No matter how big or small your home is, at Christmas there always seems to be too much furniture, lots of people under one roof, and hiding gifts effectively becomes near impossible. If you feel like your home is reaching maximum capacity, or your business has limited room for new seasonal stock, then perhaps it’s time to look into self storage. In a previous blog, we discussed making the most of seasonal storage, now we’d like to explore some ways in which you can use self storage for creating a little extra space this Christmas.

Great hiding place for presents

Seasonal self storage is a great (and effective) place to keep your presents a surprise, away from snooping eyes, sneaky young children suspiciously trying to debunk santa claus, or those eager to open gifts before the designated day. There’s no chance they’ll find or guess large and awkwardly shaped presents when they are completely hidden and out of the house. 

Even if you have well-behaved individuals in your home, sometimes keeping presents in your home is impractical – I’m looking directly at you my feline friends who have already been eyeing up the Christmas tree. You can solve all your storage woes by putting gifts into self storage where they’ll be kept safe, dry and hidden.

Store seasonal sales stock

For shop owners and retailers, seasonal self storage is a great solution if you have extra stock lined up in preparation to sell in the run-up to Christmas or for the January sales. All stock stored in a unit will be kept clean, safe and dry until it is required. This will give you more room in your shop or home.

Store furniture or seasonal decorations

Deciding to put a few items of furniture into storage can open up the space in your home, allowing for additional room. It could also make your home look larger, tidier and more inviting. Naturally, the sofa and TV would have to stay in your home, but do you need those extra side tables or bookcase over Christmas?

In addition to this, you can also use self storage to house seasonal goods: do you really need sporting equipment or camping gear taking up space in your spare room this December? Also, after December putting your Christmas decorations into a self storage unit is a great option to save loft or garage space during the year.

Make room for guests

If you are lucky enough to have a spare room, but it’s become a bit of storage room when it’s not being used, you can put all those items into a storage unit. If you need to give your guests a bedroom over the holidays, the things in your spare room can easily be placed into storage. 

Contact Arden Self Storage

Christmas is a busy time of the year. Make your life a little easier this December by using self storage. If you’re looking for a self-storage facility in Birmingham or Solihull, please get in touch with Arden Self Storage today. You can contact our team by calling 01675 442 827 or through filling out our online contact form and we’ll be in touch.