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Do I Need a Climate Controlled Storage Unit?

Climate controlled storage units are often crucial for those looking to preserve the integrity of their belongings over time. Unlike standard storage options, climate controlled units maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level, protecting sensitive items from extreme weather conditions, moisture, and other environmental factors that can cause damage.

Whether you’re storing antiques, important documents, or electronic equipment, understanding the importance of climate control can make a huge difference when it comes to preserving your items in their original conditions.

Read on to discover the specific benefits, the items that need climate-controlled care, and whether investing in one is the right choice for your storage needs.

What is a Climate Controlled Storage Unit?

A climate controlled storage unit is a space that is specifically designed to maintain a stable environment in terms of temperature and humidity. Unlike traditional storage units that can fluctuate, these units keep a consistent internal climate. By keeping the temperature consistent and managing humidity levels, these units ensure that your belongings are stored under optimal conditions all year-round.

What Items Need Climate Controlled Storage Units

Certain items are particularly sensitive to temperature changes and humidity and therefore require the protection offered by climate controlled storage units. These items include:

Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture requires climate controlled storage units because wood is highly sensitive to environmental changes. Moisture and fluctuating temperatures can lead to wood cracking, warping, or rotting. In a climate controlled environment, the consistent temperature and humidity levels prevent these forms of damage, ensuring the longevity and preservation of your wooden furniture‘s appearance and structural integrity.


Electronics are vulnerable to damage from humidity and extreme temperatures. Humidity can cause corrosion and condensation on electronic components, leading to short circuits and malfunctioning. High temperatures can melt or warp plastic parts and damage sensitive circuits. Climate controlled storage units protect these items by maintaining stable conditions, preventing moisture buildup and overheating, therefore extending the lifespan of your electronic devices.

Artwork and Collectibles

Artwork and collectibles are often made from materials that can expand, contract, or degrade with changes in temperature and humidity. Variations in environmental conditions can deteriorate the quality of these items, leading to faded colours, warped canvases, and reduced value. Climate controlled storage units offer a stable environment that helps preserve the integrity and value of your artwork and collectibles.

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments, especially those made of wood, such as violins, guitars, and pianos, are particularly susceptible to damage from environmental changes. Wood can crack, glue can weaken, and metal parts can corrode when exposed to fluctuating humidity and temperature levels. A climate controlled storage unit maintains consistent conditions, protecting the materials and ensuring that the instrument remains in tune and functional.

Important Documents

Important documents, such as contracts, certificates, and photographs, are prone to damage when exposed to moisture and heat. Paper can yellow, become brittle, or even degrade, making the information illegible or causing the loss of valuable historical documents. Climate controlled storage units keep these items safe by maintaining low humidity levels and preventing extreme temperatures, thus preserving the integrity and legibility of important documents.


Wine requires a stable temperature and humidity level for proper preservation. Fluctuations can lead to spoiled flavours and deteriorated quality. Too high temperatures can accelerate ageing or even cook the wine, while too low humidity can dry out corks, leading to oxidation. Climate controlled storage units provide the ideal conditions for storing wine, ensuring that its taste, quality, and value are maintained over time.


Photographs can suffer from sticking together, warping, or fading when exposed to temperature fluctuations and high humidity levels. These conditions can irreversibly damage precious memories and valuable historical records. Climate controlled storage units offer protection against these risks by providing a stable environment that helps preserve the clarity, colour, and condition of your photographs for generations to come.

By storing these sensitive items in climate controlled storage units, you ensure their preservation and protection from environmental factors that could lead to significant damage or loss.

What are the Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage Units?

The benefits of using climate controlled storage units extend beyond just temperature and humidity control:

Protection from Extreme Weather: They protect against damage from extreme temperatures and adverse weather conditions.
Dust and Pest Control: These units are often better sealed than standard units, offering added protection against dust, pests, and airborne pollutants.
Long-Term Preservation: For items that you intend to store long-term, climate control can significantly reduce the risk of damage over time, ensuring that your belongings remain in the best possible condition.
Peace of Mind: Knowing your sensitive items are stored under optimal conditions offers significant peace of mind.

Why You May Require a Climate Controlled Storage Unit

The need for a climate controlled storage unit often depends on a variety of factors including:

Geographical Location: Areas with extreme temperature variations or high humidity levels necessitate climate control to protect sensitive items.
Value of Items: High-value items, whether monetary or sentimental, often warrant the added protection to guard against irreversible damage.
Storage Duration: The longer your items are stored, the more likely they are to be affected by environmental conditions, making climate control a wise investment.
Type of Items Stored: As noted earlier, certain items are inherently more sensitive to environmental conditions and require the stability offered by climate controlled units.

Other Frequently Asked Questions About Climate Controlled Storage Units:

Are climate controlled storage units worth it?

Yes, especially if you’re storing items that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations, humidity, or require long-term preservation. The additional cost is often justified by the peace of mind and protection offered.

Can I convert a standard unit into a climate controlled one?

No, climate control involves specialised HVAC systems, insulation, and sometimes dehumidifiers, which are not feasible to add to standard units.

How do I know if my items need climate controlled storage?

Consider the material, value, and intended storage duration of your items. If they’re sensitive to environmental conditions or hold significant value, it’s best to opt for climate control.

By understanding the importance and benefits of climate controlled storage units, you can make an informed decision to protect your valuable possessions. Whether it’s combating the effects of weather, maintaining item integrity, or simply for peace of mind, climate controlled storage offers a superior solution for preserving your belongings in their pristine condition.

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