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Moving into a Care Home? Top Storage Tips

For people that are preparing for a move into a care home, you may be in need of some storage advice. It can be a confusing, difficult, stressful and emotional time for everyone involved in the move and transition.

When supporting or moving an elderly relative into a care home, there are several things to consider first, the top priority being what to do with their belongings and furniture. This is where storage units can help; there are numerous benefits to putting some of their personal belongings into a storage unit, here are Arden Self Storage’s top benefits.

Why should you consider using a storage unit if you or an elderly relative is moving into a care home?

Good, temporary storage for large furniture

Depending on whether the older person has lived in their current home for decades, or with family members, they may have lots of furniture. With care homes having limited space, this is an issue and large items of furniture need to be sold, given away or to charity, or placed in storage temporarily. By placing large furniture items into a storage unit, you can make decisions about what to do with it at a later date.

Gives you time

It’s a stressful time, through renting a storage unit you can give yourself a little more time to sort through their personal belongings. Especially if you’re in a rush to remove everything from a house that’s just been sold.

Ensure antiques are kept safe

Throughout your life, you accumulate a fair amount of valuable possessions and perhaps even some antiques. If, when clearing out a relative’s house, you don’t have room to store them, or perhaps you don’t feel comfortable storing them, then you can use a storage unit. This ensures items are safe and secure, giving you peace of mind.

Easily accessible

It can be incredibly difficult for the person moving into a care home to say goodby to their possessions and adjust to this new stage in their life. A storage unit provides them with constant access to their worldly possessions, often 24 hours a day.

If you have an elderly relative, whether they’re a parent, sibling or aunt/ uncle, and you need to move them out of their home and into a care home, why not consider hiring a storage unit from Arden Self Storage. Whether you need it on a short or long term basis, contact our team today. 

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