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7 Innovative Ways To Increase Storage Space In Your Home

Our house can very quickly, and very easily, become cluttered. It’s so tempting to get carried away buying home decor, new clothes, shoes and other bits and bobs. If you’ve streamlined your possessions as much as you possibly can and are still struggling to find space in your home, then try these innovative ideas.


7 Creative ways to increase storage in your home


  • Creative shelving placement

There are lots of different ways you can use shelving in your home to maximise storage. An innovative method is installing shelves around the perimeter of the walls in a room. This may seem unusual, but hear us out. It is one of the least used parts and means that you can add so much additional space, perfect for storing books and items up and out the way.


  • Corner clothes rack

Run out of cupboard space for all your clothes? Fear not, we have a solution. You can quickly make a new one by hanging a clothes rail in an empty corner of a room. To complete the look, you can also add shelving above the rails for a more finished look. The additional storage space above the clothing rails allows you to place shoe boxes, accessories or other items out of the way.


  • Wall-based shoe rack

Another innovative storage solution is creating a wall-based shoe rack where you can store your full collection of shoes out of the way, and nicely displayed. This type of shoe rack is perfect for an extensive footwear collection, especially if you have lots of heels!


  • Headboard storage

This type of storage can come in many different forms, situated either above or built within the headboard. It is a great place to store bedding, blankets, or items you don’t need often. Other ideas for items to store include: books, magazines, mementos, spare bits and pieces and many more!


  • Bedroom door storage hanging

If you’re looking for other ways to store clean or dirty clothes and reduce your floordrobe, then hanging them on the back of the door is extremely useful.


  • Built-in storage on furniture

From storage beds to sofas, these types of furniture are great space saving solutions that you can have in your home and create a less cluttered look. Furniture that doubles up as storage is great for storing clothes, files, a movie collection or something entirely different.


  • Platform storage

The last innovative home storage solution on our list is known as DIY platform storage. If you love to get creative with a couple of extra screws as some furniture is adding drawers to the underneath of platform beds.


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