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How To Store Your Christmas Tree

Many of us choose to invest in a good quality artificial Christmas tree rather than having to purchase a real tree every Christmas. To make the most out of this investment, you have to take care of it. Unless you like to celebrate Christmas all year round, it is likely it will be in storage for 11 months of the year. Therefore, it is important that you know how to store it properly once the holiday season has ended. Not only will storing it correctly keep the tree looking fresh year after year, but it will also save space in your home. Forcing the tree into a bag and into the back of the cupboard can lead to damage, pests and even mould.

Here are some storage tips for when it is time to put the tree away for the year. These tips will help to ensure that the tree looks just as elegant when you put it up next Christmas.

Disassembly Prep

Before beginning to disassemble your tree, take another look. Make sure that you have taken all the decorations and lights off and there are no more decoration hooks hiding away in the branches. You do not want to start taking your tree apart and get hooks and wires stuck.

Consider wrapping the branches close to the centre, this will allow them to fit into the storage box or bag without force or struggle. You can use bungee cords, zip ties or string to secure the branches, just depending on the size of your tree. Be careful to not wrap the branches too tightly. If you do, there will be indents on the branches and it could make it difficult to fluff them out next year.

To protect the tree from moisture, you could use a plastic wrap. It will protect the tree not only from moisture, but dust, insects and nesting rodents.

Protect Your Tree

Many people tend to use the original box, whilst this is convenient, it is not a good long term solution. Over time your tree will fluff out so it is unlikely to fit and it will not keep out moisture and pests. This is why it is a great idea to purchase a designated Christmas tree box or canvas bag. This will prevent funky smells, nesting rodents and other problems when the time comes to get the tree out again. This investment will keep your tree looking great for many years to come. Make sure you buy something slightly bigger than your tree, you don’t want to force the tree to fit!

Store in a Dry, Cool Place

This is the most important aspect of storing your Christmas tree. Choosing a dry, cool place will prevent your tree from getting wet. Whilst the artificial tree is more durable than a real Christmas tree and can take more damage, you still want to keep it dry. Keeping the tree dry will help keep its integrity, so it will last longer.

Arden Self Storage

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