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How To Hide Christmas Gifts, Creatively

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 

We’re two weekends away from the most wonderful time of the year. December is a time for making new memories with family and friends, eating delicious food and sharing presents with the ones we love. 

But, hiding Christmas presents can be tricky, especially from young, curious and excited eyes who are dying to find out what Father Christmas has brought them this year! So, where is the best place to hide your Christmas presents this year? This year is doubly tricky, with many of us spending a lot more time indoors and at home.

That’s why we’ve put together our top 6 places to store and keep your gifts safe until Santa officially arrives on the 25th December.

6 tips for hiding & storing Christmas gifts away from prying eyes

1. In the loft, an attic or basement

This hiding spot is conveniently located (in your house!) and doesn’t require much effort to hide Christmas gifts away from excited, prying eyes. You can even store the Christmas presents in cardboard boxes that preferably matches others in your chosen space. This will make it look nothing out of the ordinary, for bonus points, you can always label the box something inconspicuous such as ‘house admin paperwork’. This way, no one will be none the wiser.

2. In suitcases

Suitcases, and even to an extent, backpacks, make great places to hide Christmas presents during the festive season. Typically, they won’t be in use this time of year, and especially in 2020! This means that you can unzip your empty suitcases and fill them. It really is a great storage solution, and no one will think to look inside them.

3. With all your cleaning supplies, or in a cleaning cupboard

If you’re looking for a place where children definitely won’t look inside, your cleaning supply space is a great location. You can simply put your Christmas gifts into a box, tuck it behind any products and bottles, or stack up a few cloths’ and sponges to provide an extra barrier. 

4. In the car (not always advisable!)

While hiding your Christmas gifts in your car is a unique hiding place, it is not recommended as this could also make your car vulnerable to thieves. If you’re really stuck for places to hide your gifts, then you can (but not advisable) hide your Christmas presents in the boot of your car, making sure the boot cover is covering the boot completely.

5. Inside off-limits drawers and cupboards

If you have any off-limits spaces in your home, that you know children or impatient adults won’t check, then you can hide presents in those spots including drawers, cupboards and even utility rooms! Drawers are particularly good locations to hide gift cards, money, DVDs and games due to their small size.

6. Inside a storage unit

A storage unit really is the ultimate place to store your Christmas presents. For one, you are the only person with access to it, which means that you control who does or doesn’t see what’s inside and the Christmas presents lurking within its walls. Not only this, but storage units are incredibly secure and safe. You can rest assured that no one will get their hands on your gifts except you.

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