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How Self Storage Units Can Help When Downsizing

Most people will come to a point in their life where they are thinking about downsizing. There are many reasons as to why people think about downsizing, and as with any move, it can be a very stressful and tiring process. Whatever your reason, self storage units are a fantastic way to help minimise the stress and make the whole process slightly easier. Here are three ways a self storage unit can help you when downsizing:

1. Organisation

Sorting through your belongings can be a daunting and sometimes endless task. Knowing what you SHOULD keep rather than what you WANT to keep can be difficult and time consuming. While self storage units can’t help you with these decisions, it can make it a lot easier when it comes to organisation during the downsizing process. Sorting your belongings into necessary, sentimental, seasonal and unwanted categories can help you be organised.

Necessary items are those that should remain with you during the downsizing process. They are items that are needed and will help you ease the transition. This is probably the most obvious category such as your bed, favourite clothing, cutlery and of course, the kettle! They are the day-to-day kind of items that you would struggle to go without.

Sentimental items are more commonly moved into self storage units when downsizing homes. Sentimental items are those you exactly need every day, but you wouldn’t want to part ways with them. It is advised to keep as little as possible of your sentimental items when you are downsizing and store the rest.

Self storage units are a great place to store your sentimental items when downsizing as they can help you protect these items. It is easy for items to get lost, broken or left behind without knowing when moving house. Moving these kinds of items into self storage units can help make sure they are kept safe.

Seasonal items include those of which we only really use once or twice a year. For example, holiday decorations or spare tables and chairs for family gatherings. Self storage units are perfect for these kinds of items as they keep your house less cluttered. They are then ready and waiting, easy to be found when the time comes.

Any unwanted items can also be placed into self storage units whilst you downsize. This process will be time consuming and stressful and you will have more important things to do at the time then disposing of unwanted items. Self storage units are a great place to store these items until you have the time to dispose of them. The storage unit will keep them out of the way and in good condition until you get rid of them, whether that be through recycling, donation or selling them at car boot sales.

2. Protection

Downsizing, or moving house in general can be a very stressful time. Having a self storage unit can soften the blow. Self storage units are great to protect your items when cleaning or clearing a property. Moving these items out can give you the space you need to clean carpets, paint walls or fit new furniture or features while running the risk of your belongings being damaged in the process. They can hold (or store indefinitely) your fragile and delicate belongings in a safe and secure place whilst you are moving from one place to another.

Leaks, floods, fires and any unforeseen accidents can happen without warning and self storage units provide a great place to store items to prevent further damage or loss.

3. Efficiency

Downsizing can be a long and time consuming process, so capitalising on effective downsizing tips and tricks is important for many reasons. Self storage units are a great way to speed up, reduce costs and help yourself out during the downsizing process.
There are many reasons as to why people downsize, whether it is due to children moving out or separation from your partner, speed is always a priority. However it is very common that legal, financial and physical factors can really slow down the process of downsizing. This is where self storage units can really help.

Self storage units can allow you to quickly transport and store your belongings. This will free up space in your home, prevent the repeat trips back and forth from the properties and will allow you to move things in at your own pace. Also, without stating the obvious, downsizing means you move into a smaller property than your previous one. This means there will be less space in your new home for the same amount of belongings. The self storage unit allows you to store the belongings that your new, smaller home may not have a place for. It allows you to maximise your new physical living space.

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