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Here’s How Self Storage Can Benefit Students

As we enter the beginning of another academic year, students all across the country and making their way to new accommodation. Whether this is your first year, or you are returning from the summer break, this can present many issues with space and storage.

Self storage can help you combat these issues, so Arden Self Storage use our industry expertise to run you through the how and the why in our latest blog post below.

New Year

At the start of a new university year, you are likely to be moving to new accommodation. This is just how university goes for many students. It will also be the case for many that their belongings from home will simply not fit in their student residence, which presents the dilemma of comfort vs. clutter. You want to have the creature comforts you’re used to from home, but the clutter can become unbearable.

To combat this, it can be a great idea to rent a self storage unit. This will allow you to bring up most – if not all – of the things you would like from home and reduce the need to have to go back every weekend to pick up and return things if and when you need them, which is especially important for students studying far away from home. To help cut costs, you could even share a unit with a friend at the same university, which is a 50% ‘discount’ immediately.

During Summer

During the break between academic years, many students will face the slog of bringing all of their belongings home – likely in multiple trips – while they sort out their accommodation for the upcoming year. This is painstaking and frustrating, but a self storage unit would mean you didn’t have to do this. You can simply move your possessions within the city and leave them there until you have a concrete place to live next year. It makes much more sense when you consider the stress you’re saving yourself from.

The beauty of self storage is that it’s a flexible service, so whether you need to store things for a few days, weeks, or months, you should be able to find a plan for you.

Gap Years and Studying Abroad

If you have the privilege to study abroad or plan on taking a gap year during university, it can make sense to keep your things in the city you study in rather than having to deal with the logistical nightmare of bringing everything home and then taking it back to university again. This makes even more sense, again, if you have a trusted friend to share a storage unit with or if you’re studying abroad for just a term or two.

Convenient, Clutter-Free, Comfortable

The common preconception is that your years are a student are supposed to be uncomfortable, or filled with clutter, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Simply making the most of a self storage service is a great way to bring the best of both worlds – being a student and living at home – for a small, monthly fee.

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