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Deep Cleaning and House Organisation Tips During Lockdown

With all of us staying at home during the Coronavirus lockdown, now more than ever before, we are getting out the cleaning gloves and having a thorough and deep house clean. Some of us have been staring at the copious clothes bursting out of the seams of our wardrobe, making plans to organise it.

While others are having major house clearouts and sorting through their stuff into ‘keep’ and ‘bin’ piles. Some people have even taken it a step further by placing items on tables outside their home with “please take” signs for interested passersby.

Deep cleaning your home

Depending on how much time you have, and potentially how bored you are, you may choose to deep clean your home one room at a time in staggered sessions or all in one go. Whichever you decide, this starts with taking out and cleaning dirty dishes or laundry, throwing away rubbish in the bin, hoovering, applying cleaning products to surfaces and dusting or polishing!

You can build up to deep cleaning with a quick clean and tidy up before moving onto dusting, vacuuming or polishing.

Organise each room

One of the things I enjoy doing is organising the rooms in my house every so often, it can bring a new lease of life into a room as you shuffle furniture around, sort through items, deciding whether or not to keep it. 

To store, or not to store

When sorting through items in our home, there may be some things that we don’t want to get rid of. For instance, we might have a perfectly good sofa or dining room table that we’d love our children to have when they move out of the family home. Instead of taking it to the dump or giving it to charity, or selling online, we can decide to put it into storage. This way it can be kept safe and be used again in the future when needed.

Read our guide on household storage and how to store furniture correctly.

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