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Declutter Your Home With 4 Easy Tips

There is no better feeling than decluttering an untidy and messy home environment. Whether it’s a room you hardly use that somehow has gathered so many things or a cupboard that you just ‘dump’ stuff inside. Or, perhaps, that pile of DVDs that you never watch anymore (thank you, online streaming services!) are staring at you in need of a new home. 

No matter what it is that needs decluttering or the reason why here are our tips for decluttering your home and spaces within your home. 

1. Throw away as much as possible

By throw away, we simply mean remove from your home. Items can be re-homed to friends or family, sold online, given to charity, or thrown in the bin.

Many people feel discouraged when decluttering their home because of the disposal of so much stuff. But, when this part is out of the way then it becomes far easier to make clear decisions about what can stay, and what needs to go.

One of the first things to overcome is that nagging feeling of: “Oh, but I might need that someday”. We’re here to tell you that you won’t, and if you do, you can always repurchase. 

Equally, when decluttering, this is also a great opportunity to take a look around your home and see if any items are in the wrong place or room. 

2. Carry out the box test

What is the box test, I hear you ask. Well, this method is one of the best ways to declutter your home.

Place everything that you suspect you won’t ever use, and currently rarely use, into a box. If you need an item from the box, take it out and return it to its regular place. However, if you find that after a few months you aren’t opening the box and using the things inside, you can safely get rid of this box of stuff.

Similarly, this trick can also be used if you’re guilty of hoarding clothes. You can vary it slightly, and put all the clothes on a different rail that you don’t wear often, or turn those clothes hangers the other way around so you know the difference between them in your wardrobe. If, at the end of the period you haven’t worn them, then you can dispose of them or give them away, or sell them.

3. Don’t forget your wall space, too

When we think of decluttering a home we often think of overstuffed clothes drawers, or overflowing kitchen cupboards. But, your walls can also become cluttered too. Over time, we accumulate different pieces of wall art or keepsakes that we display on our walls. Make sure to assess your walls and only keep pieces that have meaning to you.

If you’re running low on storage space, then you can consider adding shelving or cabinets and other pieces of functional furniture to your walls. This will allow you to organise the items in your home, and facilitate better decluttering within your home.

4. Consider putting items into storage

You’ve decluttered as best you can. But, now what? What if you’re still struggling to make room? In this case, have you considered putting some of your items into storage? By placing items into a storage unit, you can ensure that your possessions are kept safe. Plus, if you live in the west midlands, then you can hire a storage unit from Arden Self Storage. 

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