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5 Tips for Better Home Office Organisation

With many of us now working at home in our dining rooms, kitchens, conservatories or living rooms the divide between home and work is slightly blurred with less of a divide between the two. 

Some of the working population have home offices already set up in their home, but if you’re like me, then the home office set-up was unexpected and rushed set up back in March. But, now we’re three months into lockdown, and that working remotely is the new norm (for now, at least!), it has become increasingly important to make sure your home office set up functions well and is organised.

Here are Arden Self Storage’s top tips for working remotely and getting your home office workspace organised.

5 ways you can better organise your home office

  1. Declutter, tidy and organise
  2. Do you need the duplicates?
  3. Ditch the paper, go digital
  4. Create a divide between home and work in your home
  5. Utilise your shelving

1. Decluttering and organising your home office space

At a weekend or on your day off, spend some time getting organised and decluttering your new work environment space. You can decide what you want to keep, chuck or store away. Not only will this free up space in the room, but a tidy workspace helps your own productivity and headspace. 

2. Duplicates, backups and spares

Do you have cupboards overflowing with spare items, whether that’s stationary like owning four different rulers and three staplers – time to reduce the duplicates and re-gift, donate, re-home or throw away.

3. Bye, bye paper, hello digital copy!

Wherever possible, try to convert all those paper files you have just lying around your home office space or around the house to digital copies. This helps to reduce the amount of dust in your home, but also frees up space! If you have lots of confidential information and files, you can password-protect these on a hard drive or on your computer.

4. Create clear work / home divide

Now we aren’t driving to an office for our place of work, it is still important to strike that work/ home life balance and create a clear divide in your home between the two. 

Working from home does have many benefits, from no time spent commuting to work, to saving money on fuel. However, when your work and home spaces are under one roof, it is important to create a clear divide between them so you can enjoy time off and not become consumed by thinking about work all the time, or easily distracted. It is healthy to separate the two and our home space must reflect this so you can ‘switch off’ in the evenings.

5. Increase productivity, use shelving to your advantage

One simple way to increase productivity is to make sure your filing is well organised. By organising your shelves it is an easy and cost-effective way to free up space and keep documents secure and organised.

When you have tidied, decluttered and organised your home office workspace you can then begin to think about decorating it!

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