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5 Reasons To Use a Self Storage Unit

There are plenty of reasons that people to decide to make the most of a self storage unit, whether they have simply run out of space, need a stop gap when moving house, or even for their seasonal equipment. It’s a great way to keep belongings out the way, but safe and secure, without needing to sell or give them away.

Here at Arden Self Storage Limited, we are storage experts, so we run you through 6 of the main reasons people use a self storage unit.

1 – No Space

Perhaps the main reason people use a self storage unit is that they have acquired too many belongings and they no longer have room in their home. Some people opt to sell, but there are certain things that we aren’t ready to let go of, so keeping them safe in a self storage unit is a great idea.

It can be very beneficial to make more room in your home by putting things you don’t use or need immediately into storage.

2 – Moving

Secondly, we find that people moving house often find it useful to have a place to put things in the intermediary. It can take some of the pressure off of a move to have a middle ground, helping you to stay more organised and keep your possessions in check.

3 – Children

Needing to make space is something many of us have been faced with, and this is no different when a new child is on the way. You might have to clear space in your spare bedroom, or make space in other areas of the house, and storage is a great way to do so.

This continues to be relevant as children grow and more of yours, and their, possessions need to be safely stored but there is no room in your home. 

4 – Students

Speaking of children, students and families with students can make the most of self storage in a number of ways. 

Firstly, if a student is coming home for summer but doesn’t want to have to lug all of their belongings home when they are between houses in the time between academic years, keeping them in a local storage unit can save a lot of logistical headaches. 

From a parents’ perspective, you can make the most of self storage to store your child’s belongings while they are away at university, or even before/after university if they take a gap year to travel.

5 – Tools, Garden, Hobbies, and Seasonal Items

Many of the bigger items we have aren’t always in use all the time. This goes for garden furniture and machinery like lawn mowers, but also power tools and perhaps sports equipment for things like cricket that we only use in the summer.

It makes much more sense to put these useful, but not always needed, items away in a safe self storage unit for the times we don’t need them. This way, you can keep your garage clear to actually store the cars!

Useful for Everyone

All in all, self storage units are useful for people that lead all kinds of lifestyles. They are also important acquisitions when big life events come along. They work so well because of the often very flexible plans you can rent them on, meaning you can come and go as you please and as you need at your local self storage facility.

Arden Self Storage Limited

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