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10 Questions To Ask Before Using A Self Storage Unit

When searching for self-storage, there are lots of questions that need to be answered first. In today’s blog, we’re going to take you through all the different questions that you can ask a self-storage company to ensure a smooth experience when thinking about putting your belongings into self-storage.


What to ask before using a self-storage unit?

  • How much will it cost and how long will you be using it?

The first thing to ask is how much the different sizes of their storage units cost and how big they are. This will help you in understanding how much you can afford and how long to hire the unit for, as well as gain a better understanding of what you can store inside a unit.

  • Why do you need it?

Do you actually need a self-storage unit? While this may seem like a silly question, it’s an important one. If it’s only one item that you need to store for a week, it might not be beneficial to put this into storage. However, if you’re in the process of moving and the dates of your moves don’t quite align, then moving all your home contents into storage for a month will be a worthwhile investment.

Furthermore, there are lots of additional cost benefits to hiring a storage unit and many cleanliness advantages – talk to a professional today to find out more. It can also help with ensuring a hassle-free move!

  • Are there any offers or deals available?

It’s always smart to shop around, especially when it comes to getting a good deal as well as outstanding service. It’s worth asking if there are any offers or deals available as many storage facility companies offer some form of incentive or offer.

  • How secure are the facility and the storage units?

Possibly the most important question to ask is how secure the facility is. The security of your possessions when in a storage facility is of paramount importance. You should consider asking specific questions such as ‘do you need a code or key to enter the facility and how regularly are these changed?’, ‘are there CCTV cameras that record activity in/out and around the facility’

A good sign of a reputable and secure facility is that they will encourage their customers to also fit their own padlocks for added protection.

  • Can you visit the facility beforehand and not just rely on images on the internet?

Catfishing is not just reserved for online dating, some self-storage companies are guilty of it too. To reduce the risk of being catfished, visit the location and take a look at the facility for yourself.  If a company is reluctant for you to visit or twist the truth about their photos, it’s best to avoid them.

  • What are the reviews like?

Similar to viewing the facility in real life, customers should also extensively take a look at the reviews for a self-storage company. It is often a good sign that they are trustworthy, especially if there’s a high rating.

  • What are you allowed to store in the storage unit?

This may seem like an obvious question that doesn’t need asking, but that’s the polar opposite. It’s incredibly important to know what you’re allowed to store. Typical examples of things that you’re not allowed to store are usually along the lines of food and drink as they attract rodents.

  • How do they deal with pests or animals?

While a strict no food and drink policy is a must, sometimes pests or small animals, such as mice can sneakily worm their way into boxes to nest away from cold weather. One crucial question to ask a storage company is how they deal with unwanted rodents and pests?

  • Are there any packing services available that you can use?

Storage specialists have a wealth of experience and knowledge, to get the most out of your hired storage unit, it’s essential that you pack efficiently and properly so you can maximise the amount of storage space. It’s beneficial to ask whether your chosen storage company offers a packing service or if they can offer any tips and advice.

  • Does the self-storage facility have any general advice?

Aside from the obvious ones of ‘labelling everything’ and ‘wrapping valuables in bubble wrap’, there is a difference between storing items for the short-term vs. the long term. If you’d like to ensure your possessions are in tip-top condition for the long haul, consult a specialist and ask for their advice and guidance.


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